Safety of girls rally by traffic police Chandigarh

The girl students of college participated in helmet rally organised by traffic police Chandigarh on 26th April 2018. The rally was organised on the theme to motivate girls to wear helmets because their safety is of immense importance.The students participated along with their two wheeler and helmets.



The college installed sanitary napkin vending machine and pad disposal machine under the scheme of SHE-SAN . Here the girls are provided with a pack of saniatry napkins by inserting 10 rs coin in the machine. The college also installed pad disposal machine in order to ensure the hygiene habits in girls.

lohri ka Paigam Betiyon Ke Naam

Jagriti celebrated lohri in association with NSS on 13th January, 2018 .The theme was “lohri ka Paigam Betiyon Ke Naam” .  All the students enjoyed bonfire and customary eatables peanuts and jaggery.  Radio Jockey  Manav 94.3 FM also spread the message that we should celebrate lohri of girl children also. He  combined  fun and frolic of  lohri with social message.

Panel Discussion

A Panel Discussion Was Organised in college capmpus in association With A Youth Marketing Firm ‘Grapevine ‘ and ‘Bas Abh Bahut Hogya’ The experts were Abhinandhan Pandhi ,a criminal lawyer , Utsav Bains, a supreme court lawyer on human rights and Deeptha Vivekanand an educator. They all have a very wonderful interactive session with students on legal rights of women.IMG_6025

Basant Panchami

The college celebrated “Basant Panchami ” on 1st february 2017. The society contributed  by flying kites containing themes ” sky is the limit” ” Ayi Basant- discrimination udhant(removal)” “Betiyon  ka har tayohar, betiyan bahar hain ”  to sensitise society regarding the importance of female child. we will add to the cause of “gender equality” by our small efforts.

“Lohri Ka Paigam, Betiyon ke Naam-” on 13th January, 2017

The society  in collaboration with NSS unit of the college organized Lohri celebration under the theme “Lohri Ka Paigam, Betiyon ke Naam-2

” on 13th January, 2017. The girls from slum area at the backyard of college were invited to College campus. The Dean of the college, Dr.Rosy Walia Distributed bangles and peanuts to the small girls. The Children also danced around the bonfire. All the Students and Faculty Members enjoyed peanuts around the bonfire amidst the chilled morning of winter.