The World of Powerful Words


  1. The most essential ten letter word,

                                                                              “CONFIDENCE” – Trust it.

  1. The most Powerful nine letter word,

                                                                              “Knowledge”- Acquire it.

  1. The most rewarding eight letter word,

                                                                              “PATIENCE”-Imbibe it.

  1. The most soothing seven letter word,

                                                                              “SILENCE” – Experience it.

  1. The most impressive six letter word,

                                                                              “PURITY” – radiate it.

  1. The most desirable five letter word,

                                                                              “PEACE” – spread it.

  1. The most popular four letter word,

                                                                              “LOVE” – value it.

  1. The most omnipotent three letter word,

                                                                              “GOD” – Remember him.

  1. The most uniting two letter word,

                                                                              “WE” – Use it.

  1. The most resourceful one letter word,

                                                                              “I” Empower it.


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