Gender Sensitization Society of our college started its working from 2010-2011. This society is not about women/girls against men rather it gives education which benefits members of both sexes. Our Gender awareness requires not only intellectual understanding but also sensitivity and open mindness to change one’s views. Gender Sensitization society opens up widest possible range of life options for both boys and girls of our college and builds our students capacities to be wholesome and humane. Our society’s concerns are for gender equality by way of education, activities, management, participation and overall organisation collectively.

Objectives of the Society

  • The main objective of society is to sensitize our girl students in understanding their potential to fullest by involving them to participate in various activities.
  • To sensitize our male students regarding gender issues and its equality, so that they grow up becoming a responsible human being and can contribute well towards the growth of gender equality.
  • To create awareness amongst the students regarding gender equality by involving them in the process of their own development and bring them to main stream of today’s competitive society
  • To develop confidence in the girl students by motivating them to initiate activities in their own capacities so that it helps them to develop decision making powers of their own.
  • To help students to learn skills for improving one’s  own or group power by providing them with the  solid foundation through participation & involvement in various activities that nourishes  their inner strength , creativity and self-esteem  in all walks of life.





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